Hugh's Your Daddy

A comedy by Matthew Cory

Hugh's Your Daddy is a modern American farce about fathers and the generation gap. It is well-suited for community theatres whose audiences appreciate farces and comedy plays.


50-something Hubert relaxes with the newspaper one morning and is astonished to read about a new law — adult children of sperm donors can now track down their fathers and even claim years of past child support from them. Just at that moment, there is a knock on the door.

20-something Ariel is looking for her dad "Hugh" and is soon joined by a young man named John, who is also looking for answers. Hubert goes to every length possible to disavow paternity by lying, hiding, and even passing off his best friend Edgar as himself. Not only does Hubert try to hide the truth from his inquisitive visitors, but also from his wife Linda and a well-meaning Pastor.

RUNNING TIME: 110 minutes
CAST REQUIREMENTS: 4 males, 2 females